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1st Season Release
1 minute read

  Welcome to AtlasCraft! The 1st Season is LIVE in mc.atlascraft.ma . Atlas Staff Team is thriving to offer you a variety of gamemodes, including BedWars, SheepWars, Practice PvP, Arcade Games, CSGO, UHC Run, MLG Rush, Survival, BuildBattle, SpeedBuilders, PvP Bots, and more. Our server runs 24/7 and supports Minecraft versions from 1.7 to 1.20, allowing you to play at any time. Join us today and enjoy the unique gameplay experience that AtlasCraft has to offer!

                                             💔 LifeSteal SMP | EULA Friendly Survival & Best Gameplay Performance

 🥍 MLG Rush | German Minigame to train Clutching, reducing & more

🤖 Bots Practice | Practice, Unranked & Ranked Bot with Leaderboards

 IP: mc.atlascraft.ma

   Version: 1.7 - 1.20.4